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I have no referral network with Orange County employees or Orange County Government employees.

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Orange County unattended death cleanup information services for less money. Guaranteed price, guaranteed work; you pay below $999.00 in most cases. I might make an exception for a homicide, suicide, or decomposition cleanup entailing extreme violence; a shotgun blast to the head would constitute cause for higher prices.

Call for an estimate. Once I set a price, the quoted is my price, and in writing.


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My name is Eddie Evans and I clean after unattended deaths. Unattended deaths may be followed by decomposition of the deceased's body. This usually begins at death and takes on physical changes before seventy-two hours passes. At seventy-two hours fluids may begin to flow throughout the death scene, depending on its surface and temperature.

I live in Orange County and this Orange County unattended death cleanup web site belongs to me. I fight Orange County Government fraud in the coroner (, medical examiner, administration department, and elsewhere in the county. Orange County unattended death cleanup services ought not set a family back into debt just because county employees want to own their own decomposition cleanup company, or receive kickbacks from corrupt death cleanup companies.

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Decomposition Information

Decomposition begins moments after death as brain cells first dies. Most often, when I receive a telephone call for help with an unattended death in Orange CountyX, it for a death two or more days prior. The decedent remained "down" for more than 24 hour. Even with fair conditions, unattended deaths require a decomposition cleanup.

An unattended death, like any death, means that decomposition begins moments after death. Respiration ends as oxygen ceases to flow in the blood stream from the heart. Oxygen no longer supplies the body. In a short while, bacteria related to decomposition begin to increase; soon, other species of bacteria and arise and increase in number. Soon, newly emerging bacteria species replace their forerunners. This all begins in the brain.

A decomposition cleanup following a death may require little biohazard cleanup. Depending on circumstances, the decedent's diet, size, room temperature, surface upon which death occurred, room ventilation all play some part in the nature of a decomposition.

I use Orange County web sites for marketing purposes. This part of my work helps the public save money while receiving necessary unattended death cleanup service. My unattended death cleanup service usually costs much less than my competitor's fees. Unattended death creates biohazards, which call for a professional biohazard cleanup.

My services return your soiled area to its pre-incident, biological level. I use ordinary chemicals in most cases. I use ozone gas in some cases, and in others I use a chemical fog. My job entails disinfecting, removing soiled materials, cleaning, disinfecting, and recleaning. I disinfect from beginning to end.

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I believe in destroying biohazards as I work, rather than nurture, grow them. I have cleaned in Orange County, California for about 14 years. In the last 8 years or so I've written about cronyism, or corruption in our local government's coroner and administrator's offices. They've monopolized biohazard cleanup in Orange CountyX as well as Orange County. So if you reached this far you did something most unexpected.

Because of cronyism in our local government I have cleaned from Crescent City, Redding, and all the way to the San Diego, but rarely in Orange County, California. You can trust my unattended death cleaning service. Because I clean alone, and because I have cleaned hundreds of death scenes, I have vast experience. I also have experience cleaning military trauma scenes as well as homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, biohazard cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and decomposition cleanup.

All the while, I've kept bloodborne pathogens as my main focus of detailed, professional cleaning and sanitation.

Biohazardous Blood

Here's a short list of what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) includes as conditions for biohazards in human blood and blood cleanup:

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Wet Blood

Wet blood, of course, soils homicide and suicide death cleanups shortly following an unattended death. Yes, an unattended death occurs when a homicide victim crawls off to die alone, or left alone, succumbs to their wounds; it's likewise with suicide cleanup. Most suicide cleanup work involves an unattended death; it's quite horrific, socially speaking, when a suicide occurs in the view of others.

I once performed a suicide cleanup in a church sanctuary. The suicide victim committed suicide in full view of other parishioners. They were traumatized and I'm told that some children showed signs of Post Traumatic Stress Injuries soon after. In any case, such deaths call for suicide cleanup, meaning blood and other potentially infectious material (OPIM) cleanup in the biohazard cleanup business.

When found between two layer of linoleum as in an in a house or apartment bathroom, wet blood remains present for days; I've found wet blood after its soiling 10 days prior between layers of linoleum. The restroom door remained closed with little to zero ventilation.

We can see how such a death as suicide in full view meets and exceeds the CDC's definition, a quick blood cleanup. (return to biohazardous blood)

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Orange County_Unattended_Death_Cleanup_mm_spacer_gifMoist Blood

Moist blood shows signs of coagulation. Coagulation begins as blood sit in open air or over time. From ventilation, temperature, or those materials we find blood contaminating.

Blood has a "cascading" property. You may have noticed this as a small scratch bleeds and begins to scab. That's exactly what blood does when left on its own in materials or nonporous surfaces, scabs by coagulation. Each blood cell lines up on the back of others. Each adheres to those around its environment. Soon, wet becomes moist and capable of oozing from a towel or sponge. Then, it begins to dry. (return to biohazardous blood)

Dry Flaky Blood

Dry flaky blood arises as ventilation, temperature, and material reduce moisture. Flaky blood presents a biohazardous condition because it may become airborne. This is fact; I know; I've seen it become airborne during an unattended death cleanup. Dry flaky blood found on an unattended death cleanup most often accounts for most blood on the scene. Except, sometimes blood dries in fabrics.

Naturally, the big exception arises when the decedent's unattended death soon becomes known. (return to biohazardous blood)

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Oozing Blood

You may find oozing blood during a Orange CountyX unattended death cleanup. Wet blood contained in billows, mattress fabric, towels, and most often, carpet padding, oozes when compressed.

Be sure to visit these other Orange County pages. Orange County Crooks, my newest addition, promises to put more heat on county employee crooks.

Orange County Fraud Pages pages offer similar and more detailed information for family crime scene victims and unattended death events. Meanwhile, work continues on my Orange County consumer fraud pages. My goal is to let everyone in the county know that they have a corrupt government. To my goal, I add other counties across our United States.

To inform residents and business across Orange County, California and the entire Unites States about how we've become like a banana republic.

The number of crooks in unattended death cleanup reflects a very tiny fraction of the United States population. This tiny group causes more anxiety, suffering, for families suffering the loss of a loved one to homicide, suicide, or an unattended death. Homicides and suicides may become unattended deaths, by the way. A death alone following a deadly wound becomes an unattended death cleanup; often enough these deaths become known as a decomposition cleanup.

Decomposition cleanup should not cost thousands of dollars. Only the uninformed, inexperienced believe such horrific death cleanup scene qualify for thousands of dollars worth of labor. They don't. (return to biohazardous blood)

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Why High Costs?

What jacks the price of a decomposition cleanup into the thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of dollars at times, are corrupt crime scene cleanup companies.

Corrupt crime scene cleanup companies cannot exist without corrupt county coroner, medical examiner, administration, and law enforcement employees. Even fire fighters get into this crime scene syndicate in violation of the RICO Act.

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Here's more information for those interested in learning more about corruption in the Orange County coroner unattended death cleanup business.

Although many after death cleanup companies say that "You cannot cleanup an unattended death", it's not so. Anyone can cleanup blood in their own home. Even after an unattended death, an unattended death cleanup for blood soiling remains within the province of one's family. What sort of government would prohibit such a cleaning privilege.

Perhaps one day such restrictions may exist against unattended death cleanup because of biohazards like Ebola, but that has not happened.

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