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Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.

I'm the only person actively pursuing this government cronyism and greed." Find me a large enough county that's honest and I'll move there to serve its families need for their crime scene cleanup needs. Let the free market do it. Eddie Evans




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My name is Eddie Evans and I clean after unattended deaths. Unattended deaths may be followed by decomposition of the deceased's body. This usually begins at death and takes on physicial changes before seventy-two hours passes. At seventy-two hours fluids may begin to flow throghtout the death secene depending on its surface and temperature.

Decomposition begins moments after death as brain cells first dies. Their respiration ends as oxygen ceases to flow in the blood stream from the heart. Oxygen no longer supplies the body. In a short while, bacteria related to decomposition begin to increase; soon, other species of bacteria and arise and increase in number. Soon, newly emerging bacteria species replace their forerunners.

A decomposition cleanup following a death may require little biohazard cleanup. Depending on circumstances, the decedant's diet, size, room temperature, surface upon which death occurred, room ventillation all play some part in the nature of a decomposition.

I use Orange County web sites for marketing purposes. This part of my work helps the public save money while receiving necessary unattended death cleanup service. My unattended death cleanup service usually costs much less than my competitor's fees. Unattneded death creates biohazards, which call for a professional biohazard cleanup.

My services return your soiled area to its pre-incident, biological level. I use ordinary chemicals in most cases. I use ozone gas in some cases, and in others I use a chemical fog. My job entails disinfecting, removing soiled materials, cleaning, disinfecting, and recleaning. I disinfect from beginning to end.

I believe in destroying biohazards as I work, rather than harbor them. I have cleaned in Orange County, California for about 7 years. In the last year or so I've written about cronyism, or corruption in our local government's coroner and administrator's offices.

Because of cronyism in our local government I have cleaned from Cresent City, Redding, and all the way to the San Diego, but rarely in Orange County, California. You can trust my unattended death cleaning service. Because I clean alone, and because I have cleaned hundreds of death scenes, I have vast experience. I also have experience cleaning military trauma scenes as well as homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, biohazard cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and decomposition cleanup.

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